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 Chino Site Contacts

Emergency Contacts

Department Phone Number
Emergency/Fire/Ambulance  575-912-5911 or 911
Safety On-Call

 See list below or call security

Security/Gate  575-912-5655
Security  575-654-5260
Environmental Spill  575-538-4906

Site Contacts

 Department Name Email Phone Number
 H&S   Justin Gojkovich  575-654-3408
 H&S   Jim Cook  575-912-5328
 Environmental NM  On-Call    575-538-4906
 Environmental   Thomas Shelly  575-912-5773
 Training NM  Dusty Gatlin  575-912-5961
 GSC NM  Seth Traeger


Site Specific Info & Training

Site Information

Site & Area Specific Training

Site Specific Policies & Forms  

Monthly Safety Meetings