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Safety Specific Included Tools 

  • Contractor Health, Safety and Environmental Manual
  • FCX Health and Safety Policies
Morenci Safety Contacts


Department Number to Call
Emergency/Fire/Ambulance 928-865-6600; 911 when outside gate 
Morenci Safety On-Call 928-865-6605
Security 928-865-7931
Environmental Spill 928-865-7745
Environmental Wildlife 928-865-6000

Administration & Contractor Organizational Safety Support

Dana Wise 928-215-1674
Jerry Alvillar 928-965-0407
Garrit Culver 928-965-4890
Kenneth Herrera 928-215-7683
Kenneth Kordela 928-215-9103


All Morenci Health & Safety Contacts

Contractor Incident Reporting

Report incident immediately to your company contact/project lead.

Incident Reporting Forms

Initial Incident Report - Logbook 

***Please select MORENCI only and not 'Morenci Townsite' or 'Morenci Water & Electric'

Contractor Additional Report Information
Incident Reporting Tutorial Video
Recurring Forms

Send All Forms to:

Form Frequency Due By
TRIR (Final Safety Hours) Monthly 5th Day of Every Month
FRM Audit Reporting Monthly 5th Day of Every Month
Monthly Training Report Monthly 5th Day of Every Month
Contractor Headcount Monthly 5th Day of Every Month
Quarterly Drug & Alcohol Report Quarterly 5th Day Following Quarter
Contractor Onboarding Packet Annually Within 10 Days of Signed Contract or Renewal Request
Health, Safety, Environmental Plan Annually Within 10 Days of Request or Scope Change/Update
FRM Risk Assessment Annually Within 10 Days of Request or Scope Change/Update
Job Specific Forms

Forms & Permits

Job Risk Assessment (JRA/JSA)
Workplace Examination Form (WPE) - Field
Workplace Examination Form (WPE) - Fixed Plant
Blue Stake Permit
Confined Space Permit
ECC Form
Energized Work Permit
Hot Work Permit
Hot Work Designated Area Request Form
Non-Routine Lock Removal
High Wall Inspection Permit
Variance Request Form
Contractor Safety Meeting

Contractor Safety Meeting

FCX SDS (Sphera/Comply Plus)

FCX Sphera/Comply Plus

Morenci Radiation Program
Radiation Safety Officer    
Jill Leavitt 928-865-6965


Important Documents

Additional Information - **LINK**