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 Sierrita Site Contacts

Emergency Contacts

Department Phone Number
Emergency/Fire/Ambulance Initiate May Day on the radio or 520-393-2222 
Near Miss Hotline 520-393-2266
Safety On-Call 520-393-2200
Security/ Front Gate 520-393-2000
Environmental Spill 520-393-2211
GSC On Call 520-393-2233


Site Contacts

Department Name Email Phone Number
Health and Safety use on call #   520-393-2200
Environmental use on call #   520-393-2211
Training  Adriana Mariscal 520-393-2238
GSC Paul Young 520-633-2878


Site Specific Info & Training

Site Information

Site & Area Specific Training

Site Specific Policies & Forms  
Communications Monthly Safety Meetings