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 Tyrone Site Contacts

 Emergency Contacts

Department Phone Number
Emergency/Fire/Ambulance NM 5911 (from a Cell 575-912-5911) or 911 Dispatch
Safety On-Call NM See list above or call security
Security/Gate 575-519-9593 or 575-912-7222
Security 575-313-7746 
Environmental Spill 575-538-4906 NM

 Site Contacts

Department Name Email Phone Number
 H&S Tyrone  Rachel Adams  radams@fmi.com   928-215-5720
 H&S Tyrone  Frankie Alvillar  falvilla@fmi.com  575-313-3110
 Environmental NM  On-call    575-538-4906
 Training NM  Dusty Gatlin  Dgatlin1@fmi.com  575-912-5961
 GSC NM  Seth Traeger  straeger@fmi.com  575-912-5846
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 Site & Area Specific Training

 Site Specific Policies & Forms

 Monthly Safety Meetings