Contractor Onboarding & Required Forms

Guidelines and Instructions

Emergency Contact Numbers.pdf

Activating Emergency - Orange Button - VIDEO

Departmental Approval

Safety & Health

  • Contractor Contact Information

Monthly/Quarterly Reporting

Drug & Alcohol Reporting -

Monthly & Quarterly Reporting Forms
TRIR-Safety Hours Form submittal required by the 5th of the month
Drug & Alcohol Testing  


Specific Forms


Job Risk Assessment (JSA) Rev. 1.pdf

JRA Training.pptx
Contractor Team RCA Investigation Report.doc

Critical Control Audit Form
ECC Form

Workplace Examination Form - R001 Field.pdf

Workplace Examination Form - R001 Fixed Plant.pdf

FCX 4x4 Risk Assessment Matrix 2017-01-10.xlsx

Supervisors Incident Investigation Report.docx


Use of Subcontractors and Suppliers

Subcontractors Requirements .pdf

Town Site Work

OSHA Regulated Sites Information & Instructions