Safe Production Standards and Global Significant Risks

FCX Health & Safety Policies

Safe Production Standards

1.2 Ventilation Natural and Artificial

1.5 Housekeeping Rev. 1

2.2 Conveyor Safety Standard

2.10 Lightning Notification Standard

2.12 Rigging Equipment Material Handling and Hoisting

2.13.1 Below the Hook Lifting Devices

2.14 Hand Tools Version 2

2.15 Administrative Work Standard

2.16 Personal Protective Equipment PPE

2.5 Flagging and Barricading Policy2

3.1 In Pit Driving Rev.2

3.1.1 In Pit Driving Authorization

3.3 Light Vehicle - Safe Operation Rev. 03

3.6.1 Crane Suspended Work Platforms

3.7.1 Forklift Operation

3.8 Mobile Crane

5.1 Industrial Hygiene Program


5.1.3 Lead Safety Program

5.1.4 Respiratory Protection Program Rev4

5.1.5 Hearing Conservation Program

5.1.6 Radiation Safety Program

5.2 Occupational Health Program Rev. 2

98-003 Substation Access Policy Rev 1

98-006 Electrical Cord Inspection Policy Rev 4

98-007 Jumper Policy Rev 3

98-010 Personal Protective Grounding Policy Rev 1

98-011 Equipment Grounding Testing Policy Rev 1

98-014 Hot Line Policy Rev 2

Accessing Acid Dilution Areas - Personal Monitors SOP Revision 4 - PRC (002) (002)

ArcFlash PPE Protection - Rev 2

Communication Device Policy

Contractor Environmental Occupational Health and Safety Requirements.pdf

Conveyor Safety Standard

Excavations and Trenching Standard

Grounding Requirements for Portable Welding Generators Standard

Lightning Standard Cliff Notes

Parking Policy

Safe Production Recognition

Workplace Examination Standard

Fatigue Management Guideline.pdf



Global Significant Risks

Bus Safety Policy

Hazardous Gas Policy

Interaction with Heavy Mobile Equipment

FCX-HS28 Sulfuric Acid Bulk Handling Personal Protective Equipment TS (1).pdf

FCX-HS28 Sulfuric Acid Bulk Handling Policy (1).pdf

Confined Space Policy

Confined Space Fatal Risk and Critical Control Worksheet
Confined Space Policy Supervisor Talking Points
Confined Space Recue Team Evaluation Form

FCX-HS05 Confined Space Policy.pdf

FCX-HS05 Confined Space Permit.pdf

FCX-HS05 Confined Space TS.pdf

FCX-HS05 Espacio Confinado Permiso.pdf

FCX-HS05 Espacio Confinado TS_Confined.pdf

FCX-HS05 Politica de Espacio Confinado.pdf

HDPE Guidelines

HDPE Pipe Handling Policy (3)

Appendix A - HDPE Pipe Handling Permit(Rev3).xlsx

Appendix B - HDPE Pipe Handling Engineering Review (Rev3).xlsx

Appendix C - HDPE Pipe Pulling Guidelines (Rev3).xlsx

Appendix D - HDPE Pipe Unloading Checklist (Rev3).xlsx

Appendix E - Rigging Approval (Rev3).xlsx

Appendix F - HDPE Pipe Pulling - Pushing Illustrations (Rev%203).xlsx

FCX-HS12 HDPE Pipe Handling Engineering Review TS(1).pdf

FCX-HS12 HDPE Pipe Handling Permit TS (1).pdf

FCX-HS12 HDPE Pipe Pulling Force Reference TS (1).pdf

FCX-HS12 Receiving Loading Unloading Checklist TS (1).pdf

FCX-HS12 Rigging Approval TS (1).pdf

FCX-HS12 Rigging Assembly ''A''  5-Ton%20Pulling Head TS (1).pdf

FCX-HS12 Rigging Assembly ''B'' Single 1.5 Skookum TS (1).pdf

FCX-HS12 Rigging Assembly ''C'' 15-Ton Pulling Head  TS (1).pdf

FCX-HS12 Rigging Assembly ''D'' Double 1.5 Skookums TS (1).pdf

FCX-HS12 Rigging Assembly ''E'' Double 1.5 Bushing Skookums TS (1).pdf

FCX-HS12 Rigging Assembly ''F'' Two 2.0 Skookums TS (1).pdf

HDPE Guidelines - espanol.pdf

Hot Work
Fatal Risk and Critical Control Worksheet - Hot Work
Hot Work Policy Supervisor Talking Points

FCX-HS06 Hot Work Policy.pdf

FCX-HS06 Trabajo en Caliente.pdf

Industrial Railroad Policy
Fatal Risk and Critical Control Worksheet - Industrial Railroads
Industrial Railroad Policy Supervisor Talking Points
Industrial Railroad Policy

LOTOTO Addendum Training Presentation1
LOTOTO Fatal Risk and Critical Control Worksheet
LOTOTO Policy Supervisor Talking Points

FCX-HS04 Control of Hazardous Energy Policy.pdf

FCX-HS04 ECC Form.pdf

FCX-HS04 Energized Work Permit.pdf

FCX-HS04 Lockout Tagout Tryout Technical Supplement.pdf


Shovel Move
Fatal Risk and Critical Control Worksheet - Shovel Move Policy
FCX - Shovel Move Policy
Shovel Move Audit Form
Shovel Move Supervisor Talking Points

Surface Blasting
Fatal Risk and Critical Control Worksheet - Surface Blasting
Surface Blasting Audit Form
Surface Blasting Policy

Surface Blasting Policy SPANISH.pdf

Working At Heights
Working at Heights Audit Form
Working at Heights Critical Risk Worksheet
Working at Heights Policy Supervisor Talking Points

FCX-HS02 Working at Heights Policy.pdf

FCX-HS02 Working at Height TS.pdf

FCX-HS02 Politica de Trabajo en Altura.pdf

FCX-HS02 Trabajo en Altura TS.pdf

Electrical Safety

FCX-HS03 Arc Flash Management Technical Supplement.pdf

FCX-HS03 Electrical Personnel Protective Clothing Equipment Technical Supplement.pdf

FCX-HS03 Electrical Safety Policy.pdf

FCX-HS03 Energized Electrical Work Permit.pdf

FCX-HS03 Energized Electrical Work Technical Supplement.pdf

FCX-HS03 Switching for Non-Electrical Personnel Technical Supplement.pdf

Policy Interpretation Letter-Electrical Safety.pdf