Environmental Monthly Communications

January Sump Management May What is ADEQ's Purpose? September Abrasive Blasting and Spray Painting
February Sump Management Part 2 June Spill Prevention October Used Aerosol Can Management
March Asset Recovery & Disposal July Top 10 Hazardous Waste Violations November PCB Management
April Dust Management August What We Do Environmental Services? December Equipment Storage


January Drinking Water Quality May  Dust Management September Asbestos_Lead Paint Awareness
February Spill Notification Hotline June Abrasive Blasting and Spray Painting October Proper Container Labeling and Management
March Spill Prevention July Satellite Accumulation Area November Universal Waste
April Wildlife August MOC Process December The Cost of Hazardous Waste Disposal


January Spills May Paper Towel Disposal September Universal Waste
February n/a June Air Share SX Hatches October Wastewater Treatment Plant Ops
March Wildlife - Birds & Insect Guidance July Lead Paint Fact Sheet November Dust Management
April Chemical Inv & New Product Submission August Engine Management December Env. Services Rep.


January Spill Notification & Cleanup May Management of Change Process September ISO 14001 Review
February Equipment Storage June Recycle, Used Oil & Batteries
Air Quality and HouseKeeping
October SPCC Plan
March Scrap Belting, HDPE, PwrPoles, Ties Recycling July Oil Filled Electrical Devices November Cross Contamination Control & Backflow Devices
April Welding Rod Management / SPRING Wildlife Alert August Renovation-Demolition (Asbestos) Activities December n/a


January Hazardous Waste May Container Management September SPCC Plan
February Stormwater June Contaminated Rag Disposal October Tire Management
March Environmental Policy July APP-Aquifer Protection Permit November n/a
April Cross Contamination Control &
Backflow Devices
August Universal Waste Management December n/a


January Mercury Bulbs May Housekeeping September Sandblasting & Emissions
February Chemical Use & Disposal June Aqueous & Solvent Cleaning October Air Quality
March Air Quality July Spills November Paint
April Solid Waste August Process Tanks December n/a