PFE/High Risk Alerts

PFE-2024-6 Advisory Tyrone Caught on Drill
PFE-2024-7 Advisory Morenci Employee Pinned by Drive
PFE-2024-9 Advisory Morenci Employee Struck with Rigging
PFE-2024-8 Advisory Chino Haul Truck Runs Over Pickup
HR-2024-14 Apr 9 Safford Haul Truck Tips Over
HR-2024-14 Mar 26 El Paso Sodium Peroxide Reaction
HR-2024-6 Mar 6 Chino Operator Electrical Shock Advisory
HR-2024-2 Jan 14 Miami Slag Launder
PFE-2023-16 Advisory MSP Falling Pipe Roller
HR-2024-13 Mar 28 Sierrita Fall from Chute
HR-2024-12 Morenci Rock Impact to Head
HR-2024-11 El Paso Forklift and Truck Collision
HR-2024-9 Morenci Crusher Event
HR-2024-10 Henderson Invalid Motor Lockout
  PFE-2024-4    MSP Falling Grating
  PFE-2024-3    Safford Crane Truck Tips Over
  PFE-2024-2    Morenci Wet Screen
  PFE-2024-1    PTFI Contact with 400v Cable
  PFE-2023-45  Exploration Well Project Falling Objects
  PFE-2023-44  Miami Slag Spill
  PFE-2023-43  Miami Forklift Employee Struck
  PFE-2023-42  Miami Pedestrian Struck
  PFE-2023-41  PTFI HT Collides with Man Haul
  PFE-2023-40  PTFI LHD Reverses Into LV
  PFE-2023-39  Morenci Steering Wheel
  PFE-2023-38  PTFI Manhaul Truck Collided with Crane
  PFE-2023-37  PTFI Ballast Car Incident
  PFE-2023-36  Chino Crane Incident
  PFE-2023-35  Cerro Verde Fall from Heights
  PFE-2023-34  PTFI HT Collision with AT
  PFE-2023-33  PTFI Fiber Optic Messenger Cable Snapped
  PFE-2023-32  MSP Fall from Heights
  PFE-2023-31  PTFI Mobile Crane Contacts Overhead Power Line
  PFE-2023-30  PTFI Unplanned Drilling Breakthrough
  PFE 2023-29  Sierrita Drill Rod Support
  PFE 2023-28  Climax Fall from Shovel Ladder
  PFE 2023-27  Miami Employee Fell Through an Open Hole
  PFE 2023-26  Safford Falling Rebar Mat
  PFE 2023-25  PTFI SVS Mixer Contacts Light Vehicle
  PFE 2023-24  Chino Pressurized Acid Exposure
  PFE 2023-23  El Paso Contact with Live Power Line
  PFE 2023-22  Climax 4160-Volt Transformer Arc Flash
  PFE 2023-21  PTFI Offsider Injured by Jumbo Drill
  PFE 2023-20  El Abra Employee Struck by Light Vehicle
  PFE 2023-19  El Paso Blue Stake Contact with Electricity
  PFE 2023-18  MSP Crane Hook Strikes Employee
  PFE 2023-17  Morenci Dozer Backed into Light Vehicle  
  PFE 2023-16  MSP Falling Pipe Roller
  PFE 2023-15  Chino SAG Conveyor Holdback Failure
  PFE 2023-14  Morenci Employee Injured by Skid Steer
  PFE 2023-13  Climax Haul Truck Drives through Berm
  PFE 2023-12  Morenci Haul Truck Impact to Light Vehicle
  PFE 2023-11  PTFI Pressured Acetylene Cylinder Erupted
  PFE 2023-10  Sierrita Haul Truck Backed into Loader
  PFE 2023-9    Morenci 50ft Highwall Sloughed Off
  PFE 2023-8    Sierrita SO2 Exposure in Roaster
  PFE 2023-7    Sierrita Sulfur Dioxide Gas Inhalation
  PFE 2023-6    El Paso Crane Operations
  PFE 2023-5    Bagdad Flying Metal Compressor Coupler
  PFE 2023-4    Morenci Employee Struck by Hand Railing
  PFE 2023-3    Sierrita Haul Truck in Wrong Lane
  PFE 2023-2    Chino Service Truck Rollover
  PFE 2023-1    Morenci Dozer Operator Slid into Feeder